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The Big Switch

About to have a baby and thinking about using cloth diapers instead of disposables?  Or like me already have a baby and thinking about the switch?  With all of the information it can seem like a confusing process but really its not.  Its like childbirth, acne, or even breastfeeding.  Everyone has their opinions and frankly its a pain in the butt until you get settled in a routine, and then you can’t imagine doing anything else.  When I first started Cloth Diapering if was such a pain, between leaks and stinky diapers, but now a year later I love it and couldn’t imagine doing anything else.  The cloth diapering community is a wonderful bunch of mom’s and even dad’s with helpful information and are willing to help wherever they can.  With this blog I would love to help anyone out interested, you won’t regret it and soon end up like me and wanting other people just to give it a try… So lets begin with the basics of starting….