Cloth Diapering Help Guide

I am so obsessive about stains and my diapers its ridiculous, a few months ago I tried everything!  Here is what worked and what certainly did not work.  Well, as I said a few months ago I was having crazy issues with stains and I became determined to get them out of my precious diapers.  I tried sunning them in the winter months, which didn’t really work but now that its summer and 1000 degrees, it seems to be working miracles.  I tried peroxide, bleach, lemon juice, soaking, I mean everything.  All those did was make some of my diapers elastic go bad and some of the PUL of others to separate so now the diaper is useless.  In my trial and error I found what does work safely.  I took my Rockin’ Green detergent and added a little water to a tablespoon until it made a paste texture and put that over the stain.  I set it over night and washed like normal with my dirty diaper load.  TaDa  the stain came completely out!  Best of all its completely safe to do this unlike all of the harsh ways that I have tried in the past.

In the summer months though, save on your electric/ gas bill and hang up outside to dry, it increases the life span of the diapers and naturally makes them really white…I love doing this now, the diapers come out looking great and smelling clean 🙂


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