Cloth Diapering Help Guide


Alright here is my review on FuzziBunz I received these through another bargain website called  Eco Baby Buys.  I got a package of two for $21.00 regular I think 17.95 a piece so it was a good deal, if you keep your eyes peeled you can find these deals, you just have to be patient and this website Baby Deals Dujour has a list of most of the bargain websites and what their deal is at that moment, its very helpful!  Anywho, these are a good diaper.  I like the fit and they are very easy to put on and take off.  The only problem I have really had was the PUL from my green flowery one separated from the fabric, which I think was my fault because I used bleach to try and get out stains, my advice do not use bleach!  I learned the hard way.  I love the inserts to these diapers, very absorbent and they are dependable.  I even use them on my daughter for bed time, I stuff it with two inserts and use a BumGenius doubler and works perfect, no leaks.As you can see where as the EcoBumz did not have the stitching around the legs these do so it keeps all of the inner fabric on the inside, so that means no leaks.  I personally suggest buying a couple of these diapers, they are trusty and many moms and dads agree.  The inside gets a little piled but not bad.


Over all I give these diapers a A-


  1. Bright colors and prints
  2. Trusty, great night time diaper.  My daughter is a somewhere in between wetter, not too heavy, but not light.  These diapers last her a full night, no problem, I just use a Hemp babies doubler and a thick heavy duty insert.
  3. You can always find a sale on FuzziBunz, or find them on bargain websites for half off.  I would at least have a couple of this brand in your stash.
  4. Fits very well along legs and waist of my daughter.


  1. The inside stains alittle too easily for my liking, but usually suns out after a few hours, at most 2 days.
  2. The inside PUL on the inside of my red one is starting to separate, but it still has some life, and the inside of my green daisy one completely separated.  However, I think it was my fault.

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