Cloth Diapering Help Guide

Land of mystery… Washing Your Diapers.

Ahhh The wonderful world of confusion!  You will hear alot of different routine and what you should do and what you should not do.  What you should use for this and that, I will tell you what I do and it has worked after many trial and errors!  First my preference is Rockin’ Green detergent.  So, I suggest using this, I use it for all of my dirty laundry and many other things around the house that needs cleaning.  Its an all natural detergent its great for anyone with sensitive skin like my children its great, I would use it on baby cloths before you buy that Dreft baby soap that you pay an arm and leg for.  These detergent has many different scent and has a non scented formula called BareNaked Babies.  The other scents include:

  • Mighty Mighty Marshmallow
  • Rage against the Raspberry
  • Smashing Watermelons
  • Lavender Mint Revival
  • Mötley Cleän
  • Bare Naked Babies
  • Earth, Wind & Orchids

Even though you can get scented detergent, the scent washes out after the cloths/diapers get done washing, its simply scent for you  laundering pleasure.  If you decide to use this brand for your diapers you will want to become a fan of their facebook site and ask them what type you should buy.  They come in three different formulas, Soft Rock, Classic Rock, and Hard Rock.  If you just let them know what your zip code is, they will look up your waters hardness and suggest a formula that is right for you.  You will want to do this because I thought I had hard water living here in town, so I was using Hard Rock for a few weeks.  My diapers starting stinking so bad and I could not figure out why.  Well, I emailed Customer Service and asked them, it turns out I was doing everything correctly, but I was using the wrong formula so they had be switch to Classic Rock and tada diapers are smelling clean!  This company is one of my favorite to work with.  They are so nice and willing to help you and will go through every last detail with you until the problem is figured out.

What you want to do with starting Rockin’ Green is do a soak in your bathtub, washing machine, or even a storage bin with 4 tablespoons and all of your diapering supplies (inserts, and diapers ect.) either overnight if you were using a different brand or have the  “stinkies” or just 30-60 minutes just to revive everything.  Then do a rinse, a hot wash, and I do another quick hot wash.  This will soften them up and remove any build up.

To Wash Soiled Diapers:

First you want to get rid of the solids if your baby isn’t breastfeeding (babies that are only breastfed  their poop will wash out in the wash without any rinsing.)  But if they aren’t breastfed or are on solids you will want to rinse off the poop.  So, if you have a diaper spraying spray the poop off, or if not shake the hard poop into the toilet and flush if there is still some left on, simply rinse off in the toilet.  I know this sounds gross but its not, being a mom of two I have seen alot more in the grossness factor.  After all of the solids are rinsed off, throw your diapers in the washer and do a rinse.  I suggest you do a warm rinse, alot of sites suggest a cold one, but with the warm rinse I have noticed I don’t have as much staining.  If you have an HE during the rinse cycle you will want to add more water because the diapers need alot of water during this cycle to make sure all of the waste is getting out of them and they aren’t just swimming in it.  After the rinse cycle finishes you will want to set your washer to a hot wash large load.  Add 1-2 tbs of your Cloth Diaper Detergent and 2 rinses afterwards.  After they get done washing, I hang mine up to dry, it helps make the PUL last longer and the sun will bleach most stains out.  If you can not hang dry, put the diapers in your dryer on low to medium heat, not hot because the PUL will crack or separate under extreme heat.  If you do hang dry and your diapers feel crunchy just put in your dryer for a few minutes and it will fluff them right back up.  If you have any troubles with the stinks or staining, just contact Rockin’ Green and they will help out with any problems as I said before and they are oh so friendly!


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