Cloth Diapering Help Guide


I am a mother of two crazy kids.  My son Douglas JR is 3 and my daughter Olivia is 1 1/2.  My son I used disposable diapers because I had no idea how to go about Cloth diapering, everything seemed so expensive and complicated.  When Olivia was 7 months I decided to take the plunge and try it and now I realize I was wrong with my son, it was really easy and not as expensive as what I thought.  The worst moment with disposables that really got me into looking at cloth was when my son’s diaper “exploded”.  He woke up screaming one night when he was 4 months old.  We ran into his room and got him to discover he was covered in these nasty looking slimy beads from head to toe.  We could not figure out what it was.  I thought these nasty things came out of him somehow or his body was sweating them out, I watch too much “House” obviously, but it was scary.  Come to find out they came from his diaper, and that completely grossed me out. After glancing at diapers online, I thought I don’t have enough time to do this, or enough money.  You just have to know where to look for deals and get your routine down.  Through this “blog” I hope to help families out with this option to let people know its is easy and anyone can do it.  I am a working mom not a stay at home one so it really can be easy, you just have to put forth the effort and give it a go.

When my sister in law said one of her friends was thinking about switching to cloth and asked me if I had any suggestions that when I thought to make this blog for anyone that needs help or has any questions.  This is one of my hobbies is getting on different facebook pages and answering questions that people have about their diapers.  I would love to help anyone in this area.  In these hard economic times this is one of the best options you have.  I have 2 babies right now, and I never considered having another until I started Cloth diapering now my husband I are discussing one more because the next baby would cost us hardly anything for the first 2 years.  I plan on breastfeeding, making my own baby food again, and using these diapers.  With all of this combined the next baby would be recession friendly :)We don’t even have to buy Mortine or Tylenol because Olivia has an amber teething necklace that has helped out alot with the teething process.  People before this generation had it right, with the natural remedies, they are tested to be true,safe and of course natural.  Above all, really cheap.

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