Cloth Diapering Help Guide

Check List of Items you will Probably need along the way.

Things you will need with any diaper you choose:

  1. Wet/Dry Bag or a Plastic Pail: for soiled Diapers, putting soiled diapers in a pail with water is no long suggested, it decreases the life span of the diaper and is kind of gross.  Using a wet/dry bag for diapers is the best way.  It locks in the smell and you can simply dump all of you diapers in the wash along with the bag.  My suggestion is either a Paddle and Quack bag, or a PlanetWise.  Prices Vary depending on sales and how big the bag is.  I bought my Planet Wise large bag that holds 15 diapers on sale for 16.00.  Medium will hold about 8 and a small is mainly for travel or when going to the babysitters and that will hold 4-6.
  2. Diaper Sprayer:  This is not a necessity, but its convenient if you don’t like the idea on splashing in the toilet.  I personally don’t have one because I don’t get grossed out easily but if you do I suggest getting one.  Prices vary anywhere from 30-45 dollars depending on what brand.
  3. 12-15 diapers: to start with.  I personally started with only 4 that I got from a bargain website (a great place to go for good deals but you have to be patient because they don’t have diapers all of the time but when some pop up its good to grab a couple)  I wish I had started out with more though, simply because you have to wash several times a day and they get stinky fast.  Its suggested to wash at least 10 at a time, so they can help wash each other.  However, I do not suggestion buying all of the same brand all at once.  I was thinking about buying all of one particular brand and I am glad I didn’t because I found out after using this brand a few times, I didn’t really like them and I liked other brands alot better for the same price.  Shop around and try different styles and brands.  You don’t want to spend several hundred dollars on something you don’t like.  There are plenty of sites that have sales and specials that make this easy to try out different things and see which one fits your babies needs and your needs better.
  4. Detergent:  As I suggested Rockin’ Green is my choice but you might find something that works better for you, there is several other brands like LuLus Glamor Wash, Crunchy Clean, and Charlies soap (which caused Olivia to get a big time rash and several other families reported the same issue). Some bloggers and websites suggest Tide Free and Clear, but I personally hated it.  My diapers ended up stinking and repelling urine, not fun and if this happens you have to “strip” your diapers and that is an all day process.
  5. A Cloth Diaper Safe Rash Cream:  You can’t use basically anything you buy at Walmart because of the ingredients that they are made of.  It will make your diapers stink and stain.  I suggest using CJs all natural BUTTer.  They have many different smell good scents.  My favorite is “Love Spell” you may recognize that name from the Victoria’s Secret bath line *my favorite smell ever* When I ordered this BUTTer I never thought it would actually smell like that but it does!  I also use their Carcass Cleaner in a spray bottles mixed with warm water for Olivia’s cloth wipes, and use it on myself for a body wash/ facial wash and works great!  They have many more scent though and are fairly good with prices.  One of their small BUTTer tubes has lasted us for months and it was less than 5 dollars.  Another is Grandma Ells Natural diaper rash cream its about 9 dollars but it left stains on one diaper of mine but other people have had luck with it.  After not using what I used to now that I use cloth instead of paper, I have realized all of the literally crap that goes on our kids skin and in their bodies and right now it makes me ill thinking that I never thought about it.
  6. Tea Tree Oil: You can get this right online or at Wegmans, its a natural oil that is used to kill yeast.  Put only a couple of drops of this in your rinse cycle not every time but maybe once a week just to kill whatever bacteria is building up.
  7. Cloth wipes: if you decide you want to use them.  I personally love using them because they clean so much better than the others.  It only takes one wipes to clean the nastiest poop.  I use a spray bottle of either BumGenius Bottom Cleaner or that solution with CJs Carass Cleaner spray that right on Olivia’s butt and wipe and wash the soiled ones and the diapers all in the same load.  You can get specialty wipes like 6 in a pack for 9 dollars usually Thristies is a great brand.  Or go right to Walmart or wherever and buy a bunch of baby washcloths and use those, each of those work well.  The washcloths however are cheaper just not as soft.

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