Cloth Diapering Help Guide

Different Choices in the Cloth Diaper World

There are a few things to do before you start purchasing.  Take a took at different online stores and blogs about what kind of cloth diaper you think fits your needs best.

Alright, lets start with a couple of different types:

Pocket Diapers:  Okay pocket diapers are the most common, they are a diaper that ussually has the PUL on the outer layer and fleece or a material on the inner layer that touches the babies skin.  It comes in either snaps or velcro.  With Pockets you have to stuff an insert whether it being microfiber or a natural liner like hemp, bamboo, or organic cotton.  After stuffing you simply snap or velcro on the baby and go.  Popular brands of these type are BumGenius, Fuzzi Bunz, Rumparooz, Happy Heiny’s, and many more.  By far the easiest diaper for any beginner, easy washing and fast drying.

AIO Diapers:  These diapers are generally like a pocket diaper.  Instead of a thing piece of fleece or some kind of liner it has a thicker middle.  Like a insert has been sewn in.  Most of them you are able to stuff for extra absorancy some you can’t though.  The only downside to these types are they take FOREVER to dry.  Although we have been using BumGenius AIO 3.0 for our night time solution with a few added items such as doublers and extra inserts.

Fitted Diapers:  These diaper require a cover because they are not do not have a water proof shell.  But they are very absorbent and fairly inexpensive.  A brand you would look for and I suggest is Thristies Duo fitted and wraps.

Flats and Prefolds:  Commonly known as the old fashioned style that grandma used.  I recently tried these for the first time, and I love them!  There is an option now where you don’t have to use pins, they are called snappi.  Its very simple and I have noticed they are much cheaper than any other type of diaper because I bought some Pre Folds at 2.00 a piece, and a cover for 10 dollars.  You can reuse the cover without washing until it gets soiled in.  SO, that means you only need a couple of covers and alot of Pre Folds.  I wish I had discovered these at the beginning and not towards the end.  I know if we decide on anymore kids, these will be a must have!


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