Cloth Diapering Help Guide

Pampers….Chemical burns, awful.

Click here and see why cloth is best. 


This happened to my son Dougie when he was younger and Olivia when she was just a baby.  First my son kept on breaking out in hives and these NASTY rashes and we had no idea what was wrong with him.  It took three doctors appt.s for them to tell us he had contact dermatitis so we switched all of his shampoos, laundry soap, and soaps to scent free.  Well, that was still not working and we were at a loss.  It wasn’t until Olivia ended up getting it also that we finally just decided to switch to cloth diapering, because at least I would know what was touching my babies skin.  There are too many chemicals in everything anymore that at least I would know what was in their diaper that way.  Once we made the switch, there has been no more hives, rashes, and nasty burns.  I fully believe it was the Pampers, and hundreds of other parents are experiencing the same things, yet one of the hundred reasons why cloth is better.


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