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Alright, my first review will be the very first diapers I have ever used EcoBumz.  I recieved these off from a bargain website called Mama Bargains.   They are a website that has items that go up a few times a day with up to 60% off the retail price.  They were $27.00 diapers that were up for $12.00.  I just caught them by chance and quickly ordered 4 before they ran out to give cloth diapering a try.  I had so many questions before receiving them in the mail.  What to do with the inserts, do they go in the pocket or directly between the baby and the diaper?  How to wash, what to use?  Well since these diapers are organic, and bamboo the prepping takes alittle longer than lets say a FuzziBunz.  You have to break up the natural oils or your diapers will leak.  Its recommended to wash abou t 7 times, and dry about 4 of those times.

When I got these diapers in the mail, I noticed how soft and fluffy they were, I was excited to give cloth diapering a try and I got them all washed and prepped it took me all day but I did it 🙂  I went out and bought a pail to put the dirty diapers in and some Tide Free and Clear.  Well, the first night we put my son in them they leaked all over the place, and same with my daughter.  I looked up to see what I did wrong.   As you can see by this picture…

The natural liner (bamboo on the inside) has to be tucked all the way around because for some reason they did sew an extra stitch around the legs so keep everything from moving around, you will see what I mean when you see pictures of the BumGenius and others.  So its a process to make sure all of the inner lining is not showing, a process I have grown to hate.  Needless to say, I was looking at how much it would be to purchase a dozen of these diapers because our taxes were coming in soon and I wanted to cloth diaper full time.  I am glad I didn’t a bulk supply.  This is what I mean when I say when starting out don’t get all of the same kind, because if I would have got all of these I probably would have stopped cloth diapering all together.    Anyway, I don’t hate these diapers but I don’t love them.  They are soft and trusty during the day and around the house, but after a year of using them the liner is starting to get thin like an old tee shirt.  The Apix one doesn’t have laundry tabs on it, which makes it a pain because the diaper chain and the snaps are exposed to the baby’s skin which is not really a plus.  As I said though around the house they are a trusty diaper, just not one of my favorites, mainly because of the design.  Right concept the diaper itself just needs tweaking.

Overall I give these diapers a B-


  1.  They are oh so soft
  2. They are for the most part reliable, no major leaks or wicking
  3. No problems with the PUL


  1. No “extra” stitching around the legs to keep the bamboo tucked inside
  2. Wing drop, no extra snaps to hold the “wings” so they don’t drop down
  3. Customer service was something to be desired.  I think the company did some rearranging and I haven’t ordered anything since, so it might have improved.  I hope so.
  4. Very expensive when I purchased, 27.00 regular, but since they feature a new design the price has dropped.