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This is what I call my “Cadillac” of my stash.  I love this diaper, its so absorbent and holds everything in that you  do not want to come out!  Thanks to its unique inner gussets it traps all of the nastiest inside and in the middle instead of all over.  Not to mention the first thing you will notice about these diapers is how squishy and lovely they are.

As you can see from this picture what exactly I am talking about.  I simply love how this diaper is made.  The opening to stuff is alittle small but thats not a problem.  The colors and patterns to choose from its insane.  I was having problems with choosing “Gumball” and “Amethyst”   These diapers typically run from 23.00-25.00 for the pockets.  You can find sales every once in awhile for either free shipping or 10% off which makes the price alittle more bearable.  It seems like a lot but it is a one size so it will fit your baby for a long time and they are very well made.









I love these these diapers…I have read that there have been some TPU separating on certain diapers from a time period.  When this happens I have heard you have to go through hoops to get it replaced.  So far I have not had any problems with that *fingers crossed*.  I highly recommend purchasing at least one of these for your stash!


My final grade for Rump•a•rooz is A+


  1. Sooo unbelievably cute
  2. So soft
  3. inner gussets
  4. great design
  5. size small may fit baby from birth


  1. Price, they are a bit pricey but you get what you pay for.  Sometimes you can find one on diaper swappers  for a couple dollars cheaper and in good condition.
  2. They run a bit small size wise but still fit my 23lbs 1/2 year old girl comfortably.
  3. All of the complaints about people having bad luck with the TPU separating but I have yet to experience this, and if you buy from a confirmed retailer you have a 1 yr warranty.